We have extensive experience and resources to put together the most compelling argument for your claim. Our primary goal is to maximize your recovery.


Most people may not know they have a potential medical malpractice claim. We help identify and remedy the emotional and financial burden that can be caused by medical malpractice.


Insurance Dispute in Martin County Florida? A Florida Statute Can Help!

Did you know that if you are forced to sue your own insurance company for a property damage claim, you are entitled to attorneys’ fees if you win?

In a rare instance of the Florida legislature looking out for the little guy, Florida Statute 627 was enacted to level the playing...Read More »

Conflict of Interest Cases in Martin and Palm Beach County

Be careful of the advice you receive from non-lawyers.  I have a true story to share with you that just happened a week ago:

An attorney I know, that does not handle personal injury law cases, recently referred a potential client to me.  I met with her (I will refer to...Read More »

What is Tort Reform and How Can it Affect You?

Are you in favor of tort reform?  If so, you are probably one of two things:  (1) wealthy, or (2) naïve as to what tort reform truly means.  Tort reform is a general term used to describe many different ways that the government, the insurance industry and various lobbying interests...Read More »

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