Conflict of Interest Cases in Martin and Palm Beach County

Conflict of Interest Martin County

Be careful of the advice you receive from non-lawyers.  I have a true story to share with you that just happened a week ago:

An attorney I know, that does not handle personal injury law cases, recently referred a potential client to me.  I met with her (I will refer to the client as “Jane” although that is not her real name) in a rehabilitation facility when she informed me that she was planning to interview another lawyer before she made her final decision.  I followed up the next day as we planned, and Jane informed me that she met with an investigator from a large billboard-advertising law firm who told Jane that his office was already representing the driver of the car she was in, and it would be in her best interest if Jane hired the same law firm to represent her so the firm could pool their resources.  Are you kidding me?!?!  The recommendation to represent the interests of competing parties is a blatant conflict of interest.  Although parties can waive a potential conflict of interest to allow one law firm to represent the interests of competing parties that option should never be proposed as a recommendation from the law firm (or any non-lawyer working for the law firm.)

Be careful of the advice you receive from non-lawyers; especially those that are trying to land you as a client.  Fortunately, Jane is a retired investigator in her own right, and was able to see the potential conflict.  As it turns out, there are very limited insurance proceeds to share among three total claimants, and there is simply no way that one firm could have fairly represented the interests of two competing claimants.  It is unfortunate that some firms will go to such lengths to land a client, but I am here for you as a resource should you ever need honest advice.

Like I did for Jane, I will meet with you in a rehabilitation facility, nursing home or hospital, and give you honest advice whether it helps me or not.    If you have been solicited by an investigator in Martin County for an accident you have had and if you want to speak with an local Stuart attorney for peace of mind, please feel free to call me to make sure you are getting honest and accurate advice.  There is no obligation to hire me and I am available for you 24/7.   Just call 833-VASTOLA.  That’s 833-827-8652.  That number is forwarded to my cell phone so you have direct access to me.  We have staffed offices in Palm Beach Gardens and Stuart, and we represent clients throughout the State of Florida.  Visit our website at to find out more about my firm.  I’m attorney Jeff Vastola and I am here for you, unless I have a conflict of interest.


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