Nursing Home Injury in Palm Beach or Martin County

Were you injured in a nursing home in the Palm Beach or Martin County area?  Did a loved one pass away in an assisted living facility in South Florida?  These various types of convalescence facilities are known by many different names and they are regulated by different laws in Florida.  If you plan to pursue a case don’t go it alone, and be sure to use an attorney that knows this area of the law very well to avoid the legal pitfalls.

I’m attorney Jeff Vastola and I have been handling these types of claims for over 20 years.  Injury and wrongful death claims that occur in these settings must be initiated within a short deadline, so do not delay in looking into your rights.  I am here as a resource for you and I am willing to answer your questions for free when you call my cell phone.  Feel free to call me anytime at 833-VASTOLA.  That toll free number is forwarded to my cell so that you have direct access to me.  Visit our website at to find out more about my firm. We have locations in Palm Beach County and Martin County.  I’m attorney Jeff Vastola and I am here for you.