What is Tort Reform and How Can it Affect You?

Are you in favor of tort reform?  If so, you are probably one of two things:  (1) wealthy, or (2) naïve as to what tort reform truly means.  Tort reform is a general term used to describe many different ways that the government, the insurance industry and various lobbying interests have successfully taken away your rights and oftentimes money that you would otherwise be entitled to recover.  Some examples of tort reform are:  caps on damages (i.e. limiting the amount of money you can recover as a victim), the pre-suit investigation of medical malpractice claims (i.e. making it tremendously more difficult for you to pursue a case as a victim of medical malpractice), the elimination of ‘joint and several liability’ (i.e. making it more difficult for you to recover money as a victim from a responsible party).  These are but a few of the ways that a conservative government gives way to the interests of big business and the insurance industry.

Do not fall victim to bogus allegations of “rising insurance premiums” and “frivolous lawsuits”.   The suggestion that the rise in insurance premiums was due to malpractice lawsuits was proven as being utterly false by the legislature and those hearings are a matter of public record.  Moreover, our system of justice does not allow for frivolous lawsuits and they never get as far as a trial.  There are safeguards in place to make sure that does not happen.  If you have been a victim once, do not be a victim twice.  Research the unregulated nonsense that politicians and lobbyists are allowed to disseminate to find the truth.  As a plaintiffs’ lawyer, I am here for the victims, the injured and the oppressed.   I am attorney Jeff Vastola and I am tired of the lies.  Please call me anytime, day or night, at 833-VASTOLA to discuss a claim of negligence, injury, product liability or medical malpractice.  I will be happy to answer your questions for free and you never owe me a fee unless I recover money for you.