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10 Ways Nursing Homes Can Negligence

Unfortunately, nursing homes are sometimes negligent in their care of residents. This can take many forms, from failing to provide adequate medical care to not keeping the premises clean and safe.
Nurses are held to a very high standard of professional conduct. They are expected to act with great regard for patient safety and well-being and promote favorable outcomes for the patient, healthcare team, and organizations they work. , even the best nurses make mistakes. When those mistakes result in injury or harm to a patient, it is called negligence.
Here are 10 ways that nursing homes can be negligent:
Failing to provide adequate medical care can include failing to properly monitor a resident’s medical condition, not providing necessary medication or treatment promptly, or not informing a physician of a change in the resident’s condition.
Not keeping the premises clean and safe: Like not cleaning up spills promptly, not removing obstacles from walkways, or not repairing broken equipment.
Failing to properly train staff: It means not providing proper training on how to care for residents or not providing adequate orientation for new staff members.
Improper supervision can also result in many accidents, such as falls or bedsores.
Failing to provide adequate nutrition and hydration: This can lead to other health problems, like dehydration, malnutrition, or even weight loss.
Failing to provide proper laundry and housekeeping services: This can include promptly not laundering residents’ clothing or not keeping the premises clean and free of clutter.
Failing to provide adequate security: This can include failing to properly secure the premises against intruders or not having adequate.
Failing to provide proper medication management: This can include not providing medications as prescribed or not monitoring residents for side effects of medications.
Failing to provide adequate security can include not having enough staff on duty to deter or respond to criminal activity or not properly securing entrances and exits.
Failing to investigate complaints and allegations can include not responding quickly enough to reports of abuse or neglect or not following up on allegations.

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