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Can I Sue If I’m Injured by a Dog Bite?

A common concern for people is whether or not they can file a personal injury case if they are injured by a dog. This is a difficult question to answer as there are two types of issues that need to be considered: liability and municipal liability.


This is determined by the actions of the dog’s owner. If the owner knew their dog was dangerous and didn’t take steps to prevent them from biting someone, they could be held liable.

Dog Bite Injuries

A dog can cause significant damage to human flesh. The legs are particularly susceptible and should be avoided at all costs when walking. In areas with dogs present or nearby, make sure you’re always on your feet, so you’re not vulnerable to getting bit. Knees/ankles are the most vulnerable spots to get bit. If you are bit, seek medical attention immediately!

What About Criminal Liability?

Many people are unaware that under “dangerous dog laws” in most states, courts may require owners to take special precautions once their animals have injured or threatened someone. The judge could even order them euthanized if it poses a risk of serious harm! Owners who don’t cooperate with these restrictions could face criminal penalties.

What to do If You Are Bitten by a Dog

If a dog bites you, you should try to get as much information about the dog as possible. This includes the dog’s owner’s name, contact information, and information about the dog’s vaccination history. You should also seek medical attention for your injuries. Before you decide to pursue a personal injury case, You should contact an attorney. Vastola Legal can help you determine whether or not you have a case and what damages you may be able to recover.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Dog Bite Case? 

The statute of limitations is the amount of time that you have to file a lawsuit in the case of being bit by someone’s dog. The statute of limitations is of two years; this means you have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit. Vastola Legal has the experience and resources to help you through this difficult time. By contacting Vastola Lega, you can determine if you have a case and how to file it. Don’t wait until it’s too late; contact us today.

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