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Contingency in Stuart, Florida

Vastola legal settlement cases

What is a contingency fee and why don’t I have to pay any money to my lawyers at Vastola & Associates while my case is evolving?

The word “contingent” means that one thing is dependent or conditional on something else.  In the case of a personal injury legal file, contingency means that paying Vastola & Associates’ fees, and reimbursing the costs that they pay on your behalf, is dependent on or conditional upon your lawyer obtaining a recovery for you. And fyi, a great deal of research has shown that hiring a lawyer to work with insurance companies results in a much larger financial recovery than individuals obtain on their own without the assistance of an attorney. Give us a call, consultations are always free.  Our toll free number is 877-VASTOLA (877-827-8652) OR  call Jeff’s cell phone:  561 707-5180.


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