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Dog Bite In North Palm Beach, Florida

Dog bites attorney in Stuart

Your rights and liabilities regarding dogs, and more importantly, dangerous dogs are set forth in state statutes.  The owner of a dog that has bitten, regardless of the place, is liable for damages to the person bitten.  As a dog owner, you have the obligation of protecting others from your dog regardless of the potential viciousness of the dog or your lack of knowledge about its viciousness.  It used to be that a dog and its owner were allowed “one free bite” because the law required knowledge of the dog’s propensity to bite.  Not any more! The good news is that you can minimize your liability if you do the right things.

A conspicuous sign including the words “bad dog” can go a long way in defending yourself against a claim, but it has its limitations.  Any child under the age of 6, no matter what that child may be doing to your dog, will be allowed to pursue a claim against you regardless of signs you have posted and regardless of what steps you have taken to warn. Be extra careful if your dog has already demonstrated a predilection to bite.  You can be criminally prosecuted if your dog attacks more than once,  including lengthy jail terms!

If you have questions about an injury resulting from a dog bite (or other pet bite) call Jeff, personal injury lawyer, on his cell phone.  561 801-JEFF


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