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Don’t Text While Driving In North Palm Beach, Florida…..please

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A recent survey by Bridgestone Americas found:

  •  One third of respondents admitted to texting while driving
  • One fourth of those surveyed do not believe that talking on the phone while driving is distracting.
  • Teens and young adults say their parents engage in more distracted driving (phone calls, texting) than they themselves do.

Researchers at Bridgestone Americas state, “we need to reinforce [with everyone] that it only takes one time—one sip of coffee, one change of the radio station, one glimpse at the cell phone—to cause or be involved in a crash that could have dire consequences.”

We at Law Offices of Vastola & Associates. want to remind you to pay attention to the road when driving!

Distractions of any kind can cause serious accidents.

If you need a personal injury lawyer because of an auto accident, call us any time.

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