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How to protect yourself after an accident with a commercial truck in Florida

1. Seek medical attention immediately.​

This is the most important thing you can do after an accident. Even if you don’t think you’ve been seriously injured, it’s important to get checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. Some injuries, such as whiplash, may not present symptoms until days or even weeks after the accident. By getting checked out right away, you’ll be able to document your injuries and begin receiving treatment as soon as possible.

2. Gather evidence from the scene of the accident.​

If you’re able, take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the other vehicles involved in the accident. Get the contact information for any witnesses who may have seen the accident occur. Also make sure to exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved.

3. Contact a personal injury lawyer.​

 An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you through the process of filing a claim and help you obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries. In Florida, trucking companies are required to carry large amounts of insurance, so it’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side to make sure you receive the full amount of compensation you’re entitled to. Vastola Legal has experience in handling claims against commercial trucking companies, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

4. Don't give a statement to the trucking company's insurance adjuster. ​

The adjuster will likely try to contact you soon after the accident and ask you for a recorded statement regarding what happened. It’s important that you avoid giving such a statement, as anything you say could be used against you later on. Instead, refer the adjuster to your personal injury lawyer and let them handle all communications with the insurance company.
If you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial truck in Florida, it’s important that you take some time to understand your rights and how best to protect yourself legally and financially. By following these four steps you’ll put yourself in the best position possible for receiving full and fair compensation for your injuries. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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