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Florida Auto Insurance In Jupiter, Florida: What You Need to Know

Jeff Vastola - Florida motorcycle lawyer in Florida

Required Insurance in the State of Florida

The law in Florida only requires that you carry two types of coverage on your automobile policy.  They are Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage.  All other forms of coverage are purely optional.Personal Injury Protection is coverage on your auto policy that will pay benefits for a portion of your medical bills, and/or lost wages, and/or a $5,000 death benefit, depending on the circumstances of the accident.  Property damage protection is coverage on your policy that will pay benefits to repair or replace others’ property that is damaged by the use of your vehicle.  Bear in mind that a $10,000 property damage policy likely will not offer you sufficient protection in the event you cause damage to an expensive automobile.  If you (or someone driving your car) cause $20,000 worth of damage to a vehicle and you only have $10,000 of coverage, it is YOUR LEGAL OBLIGATION to pay the $10,000 difference.  Oftentimes the other driver’s insurance company will file a lawsuit against you to recover that amount of money.

The difference between carrying $10,000 of property damage coverage and $50,000 may be as little as a few dollars a month.  Contact your insurance agent today to get more information on coverage available and rates.  Please call our office if you’ve been injured in an auto accident to find out how your insurance will cover you.  You can reach Jeff Vastola on his cell phone at (561) 827-5333.  Follow us on Facebook and check out our website.


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