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Insurance Dispute in Martin County Florida? A Florida Statute Can Help!

Did you know that if you are forced to sue your own insurance company for a property damage claim, you are entitled to attorneys’ fees if you win?

In a rare instance of the Florida legislature looking out for the little guy, Florida Statute 627 was enacted to level the playing field against the insurance companies.  If you are forced to sue your insurance company because it is not being reasonable in settling a property damage dispute, you will be entitled to an award of attorneys’ fees if you win.  And here’s the kicker; you will not be penalized with an award of statutory attorneys’ fees against you if you lose.  If you have an insurance dispute that you would like to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to call anytime.

There is no obligation to hire me and I am available for you 24/7.   Just call 833-VASTOLA.  That’s 833-827-8652.  That number is forwarded to my cell phone so you have direct access to me.  We have staffed offices in Palm Beach Gardens and Stuart, and we represent clients from Martin County, Palm Beach County, and all throughout the State of Florida.  Visit our website at to find out more about my firm.  I’m attorney Jeff Vastola and I am here for you.


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