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Medical Malpractice and Tort Reform In North Palm Beach, Florida

Medical malpractice lawyer in Stuart

Here in Florida voters passed tort reform legislation, believing the proposed hype that frivolous medical malpractice suits were the cause of huge insurance premiums for doctors.  Guess what:  tort reform has been in place now for several years in Florida and do you suppose doctors’ liability insurance premiums have gone down?  NO, they have not.  It is nearly impossible to file a frivolous malpractice lawsuit in Florida because any potential case must be reviewed for validity by a medical expert (who also must provide a written opinion) before any suit can be filed.  Tort reform helped doctors who provide sub-standard care (the vast minority of physicians of course) and insurance companies, but it put caps on the amount of compensation you might receive.

If you believe you received substandard medical care within the last two years and have suffered permanent damage as a result, Call Jeff or Stuart at Law Offices of Vastola & Associates. for a free consultation.  In Palm Beach county call 561 721-2500.  In Martin County call 772 419-0999.  Or, call Jeff on his cell phone, 561 827-5333.


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