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Motor Vehicle Statutes- Know Your Rights In Stuart, Florida with Attorney Jeff Vastola

Motorcycle accidents representation in Florida

Have you ever wondered where the rules of the road can be found?  Try looking at Florida Statute 316, a very lengthy section of laws created to make our roads a safer place.  Here are just a couple.

Florida Statute 316.076 pertains to flashing signals.  We had plenty of these after the hurricanes, and unfortunately we had plenty of bad accidents because drivers didn’t really understand the rule.  This Statute says that every vehicle shall stop at a flashing red.  No excuses.  The right to then proceed is the same as a four way stop.  This same Statute states that drivers approaching a flashing yellow may proceed through the intersection only with caution.  Do not plow through a flashing yellow because those already stopped at the intersection could mistakenly believe that you also have a flashing red and that can cause a lot of misery.

Florida Statute 316.126 deals with emergency vehicles and the obligation of everyone else to get out of the way.  How many times have you seen drivers blocking an emergency vehicle in this town?  Too many, I’m sure.  This law says that every driver must immediately proceed to a position parallel to, and as close as reasonable to the closest edge of the curb clear of any intersection.  You must also drastically reduce your speed when passing an emergency vehicle or tow truck at the scene of an accident according to this same law.

Remember to be diligent when driving on our roads.  I’m attorney Jeff Vastola, and now you Know Your Rights.


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