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Motorcycle Accidents in West Palm Beach, Florida

Motorcycle accident representation in Stuart

Three quarters of all motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle and most of the time, the other driver is at fault.  Glare or other view obstructions often render the motorcycle invisible until it is too late.  Regardless of who is at fault, the cyclist is usually the one who ends up with severe or fatal injuries.  What can we take from this information?

As a car or truck driver, always signal your intentions, don’t run red lights, and be especially vigilant at intersections which is where most motorcycle/car accidents take place.

As a motorcyclist, wear a helmet (accidents are 35% more likely to be deadly without a helmet), take a rider safety course, and be hypervigilant at intersections where most motorcycle/car accidents occur.  Yes, most of the time it’s the other driver’s fault, but there’s not much point in being dead right.

Law Offices of Vastola & Associates. has been very successful in winning large settlements for motorcyclists.  If you have been injured in an accident involving your motorcycle, call Stuart or Jeff in Palm Beach County at 561-721-2500, or in Martin County at 772-419-0999, or call Jeff on his cell phone any time 24/7 at 561-827-5333.  Please do not call or text us while you’re driving!


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