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New Tires in Jupiter, Florida

Defective products representation in Florida

According to the Florida DMV, passenger vehicle tire quality has improved in the last couple of years.   the most important things to look for when buying new tires are heat resistance, traction and treadwear.

Tire tread is important for your tires to grip the road well.  It helps prevent your vehicle from slipping and sliding in bad weather.  Heat increases the risk of a tire blowout. If you drive long distances or live where it’s hot, pay attention to heat resistance of tires you buy.  For results of traction tests on several vehicle tires, See this link

If bad tires (your’s or someone else’s) has cost you a motor vehicle accident, call personal injury lawyers, Jeff or Stuart, at Law Offices of Vastola & Associates.  There is no charge to you until a settlement is reached in your case.

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