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Over Billed or Charged for Medicare or Medicaid Services Not Provided?

You may have a Whistleblower case if your provider is overcharging medicare or medicaid.
Do you know of a person or company defrauding the government, including Medicare or Medicaid?  Are you aware that the government can pay you a finder’s fee if you expose the case?

I’m attorney Jeff Vastola, a lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens, and I’m talking about Qui Tam actions, also known as Whistleblower cases.  A Florida dermatologist was awarded over one million dollars as a finder’s fee because he exposed another doctor that was fraudulently billing Medicare for years.  If you have seen rampant over billings or charges for services not provided, feel free to call me to discuss whether or not you could be a whistleblower.  Call me anytime at 833-VASTOLA, that toll free number is forwarded to my cell so that you have direct access to me. We have locations in Palm Beach Gardens and Stuart and our consultations are always free. I’m attorney Jeff Vastola and I am here for you.


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