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By show of hands, let’s see just how many people have actually read their homeowners insurance policy?  I don’t see any hands.  That’s right, you sitting there in front of your computer are in the vast majority of people that pay for a policy of insurance that you’ve never read.  Don’t worry, that policy will cover you…most of the time.

However, there are circumstances when your homeowners insurance policy will NOT cover you.  Probably without exception every homeowners policy of insurance contains exceptions to coverage, and it is those exceptions that require your attention.  Do you have an animal that could bite another person?  Do you have a motorcycle without separate motorcycle coverage?  If you are wondering whether your policy will provide the coverage you need, call your agent and schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.  It’s better to find out that you aren’t covered now so you can fill the gaps in coverage.  And, of course, you may always call Jeff Vastola, personal injury lawyer, if you have questions.                                     

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