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Rules of the Road: Emergency Vehicles.1 In Jupiter, Florida

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Today a client received a very costly ticket for failure to slow down when passing a police officer who had a car pulled over.  Paying a $160.00 traffic ticket is not fun!  To ensure this does not happen to you, here is the Florida Statute regarding speed and emergency vehicles:

1. On the interstate: vacate the lane closest to the emergency vehicle that is pulled over to the side.  If you cannot safely move left, you must slow down to 25 mph.

2. On surface streets: where the posted speed limit is 25 mph or greater,  you must slow to 20 mph LESS THAN the posted speed limit for that street.  If the posted speed limit is 20 mph or less, you must travel at 5 mph going past the emergency or stopped vehicles.

And of course, if a traffic accident has your car being towed by an emergency vehicle, call us in Palm Beach County at 561-721-2500 or in Martin County at 772-419-0999.

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