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Simplified Dissolution- Know Your Rights In West Palm Beach, Florida with Jeff Vastola

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Did you know that there is fast, cheap and easy way to get a divorce if you qualify?  It’s called a Simplified Dissolution and it is available throughout Florida.

Again, you have to qualify in order to use this process though.  The qualifications are:  1) that the couple has no children under the age of 18 and no dependent children no matter how old, 2) no adopted children under the age of 18, 3) the wife cannot be pregnant, 4) at least one spouse has lived in Florida for the past six months, and 5) you must have an agreement as to the division of property.  Obviously, if there are no assets to speak of you don’t have to worry about the last one.

The procedure is simplified so that in many instances you have to attend only one hearing.  The filing fee is reduced from the standard divorce filing fee, and the Clerk of Court provides a “do-it-yourself” packet that can be purchased at the courthouse.  Divorce is never fun, but this is a way to make it easier on everyone.

I’m attorney Jeff Vastola, and now you Know Your Rights.


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