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Snow Bird Accidents – Best Accident Lawyers in Stuart, Florida

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What happens if you are injured in an accident caused by someone who was in Florida on vacation?

First of all, if a non-resident is in Florida for any reason and causes an accident, Florida will have jurisdiction over that person despite the fact that he or she does not live here.  Florida can exercise the concept known as ‘long arm jurisdiction’ to determine the rights and responsibilities of the non-resident.  The law in Florida very clearly holds that causing an accident in the State will satisfy the minimum requirements for long arm jurisdiction.

Or, if the value of your case exceeds $75,000 and the non-resident wishes, your lawsuit could be removed to the federal jurisdiction if you are a resident of Florida and the defendant is a resident of a different state.  That means that you would have to litigate your case in a federal courthouse instead of the local state courthouse.  The removal of your lawsuit to federal court could present complications if your attorney is not licensed to practice in the federal jurisdiction.

Did you know that attorneys must take a separate bar exam to practice in the federal jurisdictions?  Our attorneys are licensed to practice in both state and federal jurisdictions.  Call us at 561 721-2500, 772-419-0999 or 877-VASTOLA to speak with Stuart or Jeff if you have questions.


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