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Teen Drivers In West Palm Beach, Florida!!!

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Here at Law Offices of Vastola & Associates. we have families come to us all the time and ask why when you add your teenager to your auto insurance policy are your rates  probably going to double.

Why? Well young drivers are inexperienced and sometimes a little immature, despite what they might tell you!  They hit things.  They stop short, take corners too sharply and often drive too fast when showing off to friends.

Teens represent 14% of the driving population but are the cause of over 30% of all accidents.

What can a parent do?  Insist on a Driver Education course. Delay teen licensing as long as possible.  One or two years makes an enormous difference in the maturity of teens and while learning the mechanics of vehicle driving is fairly easy, developing judgment and attention to detail requires practice and maturity.

If your teen has been involved in an auto accident, call personal injury lawyers Jeff Vastola, in West Palm Beach on 561-721-2500, or in Stuart or Port St. Lucie on  772-419-0999.

You can also call Jeff on his cell phone any time, 561 827-5333. Just remember 801- JEFF !


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