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Turn Signal Neglect Causes Accidents In Stuart, Florida

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Those of us who live in South Florida can certainly relate to a recent study that blames over two million accidents a year on failure to use turn signals!

That problem seems to be epidemic here and therefore so is the potential for accidents.  This same study claims that drivers, when changing lanes, forget to use turn signals OR forget to turn them off, 48% of the time.  And 25% of the time drivers do not signal when making turns.

Hopefully cars of the future will have “Smart Turn Signal” technology to greatly reduce or eliminate this growing problem but until then Jeff and Stuart recommend you at least use your signals.

If you are the victim of an automobile accident caused by another driver’s failure to use turn signals, call personal injury lawyers Jeff Vastola at 561-721-2500.

Or, you may call Jeff on his cell phone, 561 827-5333. Just remember in the unlikely event you involved in an accident the sooner you call the better  827-JEFF


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