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UM Auto Insurance Coverage In West Palm Beach, Florida

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Time to talk about UM coverage on your auto insurance again.  Florida does not require that you carry Uninsured Motorist benefits on your automobile policy.  Uninsured motorist (UM) insurance is coverage that protects you and your family from other drivers that do not carry any (or sufficient) insurance.

If you are injured by another driver’s negligence and the other driver does not have any insurance, or enough insurance, to cover all the damages, you can use your own UM benefits to make up the difference. For example, if a serious accident leaves you with a hospital bill of $100,000.00 and the other driver has a $10,000 insurance policy, you will be personally responsible for the balance of $90,000.00.  If you have UM coverage, your own policy will pay that balance.  If not, it comes out of your pocket.  Sometimes as much as $100,000 in UM coverage costs only a few extra dollars a month.  It’s money well spent!

If you need a personal injury lawyer because of an auto accident, or you want more information, call Stuart or Jeff at 561-721-2500 in Palm Beach County or 772-419-0999 in Martin County.  Call Jeff on his cell phone any time  561-827-5333.


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