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Were You Injured during Spring Break in Florida?

Were you Injured during Spring Break in Florida?

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Sun, sand, and good times – Spring Break in Florida promises the perfect escape. But with over 7 million tourists flooding the beaches, bars, and theme parks, things can very quickly take a turn for the worse.  Accidents involving cars, boats, bikes, and even unexpected slips and falls become all too common.

Some of the most common accidents, injuries, and fatalities that see a dramatic increase during the Spring Break holiday include :


Spring Break brings millions of visitors to Florida hitting the road, all trying to get to beaches, parties, and theme parks. With so many new drivers unfamiliar with the area, vehicle accidents of all kinds become way more likely.  This includes crashes between cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even rental vehicles like scooters and ATVs.

Additionally, many visitors are unfamiliar with the local road network, signage, and local traffic laws.  This lack of familiarity, coupled with potentially risky behavior like reckless driving or operating vehicles under the influence, significantly increases the likelihood of collisions, injuries, and fatalities on the roads during Spring Break.


Unfortunately, the CDC reports a nearly 23% increase in drunk driving deaths during Spring Break.  To prevent this, always avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  DUI crashes aren’t just a danger to other drivers – pedestrians and cyclists are also at a higher risk of being hit by impaired operators.

Remember, intoxication can lead to a variety of accidents and injuries beyond car crashes, simply because it clouds your judgment.  Make smart choices and keep yourself and others safe.


Spring Break leads to a surprising number of accidents including slips, trips, and falls. These can happen at hotels with dimly lit hallways, crowded bars with spilled drinks, or pool areas where wet surfaces are common. Be extra cautious near stairs, escalators, and balconies, and avoid walking barefoot in potentially slippery areas.


Spring Break can be an exciting time for many, but the mix of enthusiastic vacationers and locals can sometimes lead to unfortunate incidents. Excessive drinking, recreational drug use, and rowdy crowds can result in poor decision-making, aggressive behavior, and even instances of physical or sexual violence.

Beyond facing criminal consequences for such actions, those who suffer from assaults during Spring Break have the option and right to pursue personal injury claims against their attackers and the venues where the incidents occurred.


South Florida’s allure for Spring Breakers lies in our stunning beaches, delightful weather, and the abundant opportunities to enjoy our oceans, bays, canals, and other waterways.

However, it’s crucial to handle boats, jet-skis, and other watercraft with competence and responsibility to prevent boating accidents and injuries. Those unfamiliar with boating often end up causing collisions with other boats, docks, piers, buoys, and even swimmers, leading to tragic injuries and, in some cases, fatalities.

Just as it’s essential to avoid driving a motor vehicle while under the influence, the same applies to operating boats or other watercraft. Impaired operation can have serious consequences.


Q: I was hit by an out-of-state driver, what action can I take?

In the event of an accident anywhere in Florida, irrespective of your residency or that of the other driver (even if they are from another country), Florida’s laws take precedence.

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in Florida, It’s crucial that you reach out to a personal injury attorney who can guide you through the legal process. 

How Vastola Legal Can Help

Spring Break is all about fun, but accidents can happen.  If you or a loved one was injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, boating accident, or any other incident during your South Florida visit, don’t try to navigate the legal system alone. Vastola Legal can help.

*If you’re from out of state or another country and experienced an accident or injury in Florida, consult with an attorney well-versed in the state’s personal injury and accident laws.

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